Who We Are

v2 Ventures specializes in partnering with remarkable founders with fresh perspectives and unparalleled passion, from first concept through all stages of growth. We make long-range commitments to our senior leadership and the companies they run. We seek to recognize entrepreneurs as people first, appreciating their ingenuity while playing to their strengths.


v2 Ventures understands that success doesn't have a blueprint. It can’t be pigeonholed or stereotyped. It is our continued responsibility to support our leaders with trusted and valuable insights as they nurture their initial concepts into amazing, enduring companies.


Core Values

Innovative, Committed, Passionate, Driven, Proven.  

At our core, we are a proven team of innovators and investors that commit to, and empower, passionate visionaries in order to help them build amazing new companies. We work hand in hand with exceptional founders to create driven teams that develop new solutions that will mature into powerful, profitable growth businesses.